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About Us

From the outset since year 1980, Tarh-O-Palayesh Engineering Company (T.O.P.) has been a leading provider of technical ‘know-how’ in the field of oil and energy industries. This engineering firm provides many services to clients within such industries, including conceptual studies, basic and detailed design, project supervision, field engineering, material procurement and comprehensive project management. T.O.P. has successfully performed and delivered major projects in the form of EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) contracts, in other words Design and Build contracts for key clients.

Our expertise near 40 years has earned us the reputation in the industry for engineering excellence and value engineering techniques in design, procurement and construction. In addition, due to our strict site supervision and quality control management, our aim is to provide ‘defect free’ projects for our clients. We are committed from the onset to assist our employers in reviewing their briefs, project’s objectives and meet their aspirations. Our team brings a wealth of expertise to the table and as a result we aim to embed ourselves as part of the client’s team throughout our engagement. With an innovative approach, our technical team constantly reviews the client’s requirements and brings an additional value at various stages of the project. Ultimately, T.O.P. has vast capabilities to undertake a variety of complex projects in oil and energy industries both in Iran and in the international arena.



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