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Business Activities

As a leading engineering corporation, TOP mainly focuses its activities in oil and energy industries. However, the company’s services also extend and cover ancillary works for other industries.


TOP field of activities in oil and energy industries can be categorized as follows:

    •  Oil & Gas Wellhead Facilities and Gathering Centers

    •  Oil & Gas Production Facilities

    •  Crude Oil and Condensate Pump Stations

    •  Gas Compressor Stations

    •  Oil Processing Units and Refineries

    •  Gas Treating Units and Refineries

    •  Petrochemical Plants and Affiliated Industries

    •  Single/Multi Phase Oil & Gas Transmission Pipelines

    •  Energy Industries including Renewable and Nuclear Energies

    •  Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

    •  Telecommunication Systems

    •  Steam Generation and Distribution Units

    •  Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities

    •  Associated Civil Works and Buildings




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