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EPC/EPCC (Design and Build)

In line with global trend and to keep pace with clients demands in oil and energy industries, T.O.P. has diversified and focused some of their key activities into EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) form of contracts.

T.O.P. is one of the first organizations in Iran that has successfully delivered an EPC contract in oil and energy industries based on its own merit and organizational strengths, technical and operational capabilities; and as such has been recognized nationally as a major player.

With an exceptional track record and credentials, T.O.P. has achieved "Contractor Qualification Certificate- Grade A" for the design and build of industrial scale projects in oil and gas industries from Iranian authorities- Vice Presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision Organization.


Our successful achievements to-date together with a renowned reputation in the industry gives us a legitimate platform to provide total commitments and unwavering supports to our clients at every stage of a project; this is done by means of:


•  Providing teams of outstanding managers, experts, engineers and qualified technicians with expertise in various areas of engineering design, material supply, construction, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning

•  Optimization of engineering and design based on the latest technology, previous knowledge and value

engineering   process throughout the design and construction phases

•  Special attention to the pivotal key role of material supply strategy

•  Maintaining dynamic engagement with employer

•  Sustaining active interaction with manufacturers and suppliers

•  Taking full advantage of available resources and manpower

•  Utilizing suitable in house construction facilities and heavy machineries

Use of effective management techniques with hands on approach by senior executives in the overall monitoring and control of the projects

•  Being proactive in identifying inadequacies throughout the project before they become a problem

•  Utilizing latest IT and design software for engineering analysis, plant simulation and modeling

•  Utilization of international standards and approved guidelines throughout the design and construction phases

•  Establishing an integrated Quality Management System and appropriate monitoring and control procedures throughout the design and construction phases





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