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Engineering Construction and Integrated Management of Oil and Gas Transmission Pipelines - 2018

This book is the result of many years of engineering experience in oil and gas industry in terms of engineering, construction and integrated management of onshore and offshore oil and gas transmission pipelines. It contains functional concepts in mechanical engineering of transmission pipelines, corrosion protection, cathodic protection, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), pigging, telecommunication and leak detection, health management, preventive repair management, risk management and etc. TOP’s various engineering departments including Process, Material and Corrosion, Electrical, Telecommunication and Instrument share their practices in this book.

Corrosion Engineering in Oil and Gas Industries - 2016

This book contains comprehensive aspects and the criteria for internal corrosion in hydrocarbon environments, corrosion rate calculation models, CRAs evaluation and selection, corrosion inhibitors, corrosion monitoring, damage mechanisms of refining industries and inspection plans. various practices in material selection and corrosion assessment in Oil & Gas production and treatment plants have been discussed and recounted in this book attained by TOP’s Material and Corrosion department.

An Introduction to Petroleum Engineering Reservoir, Drilling and Production - 2017

One of the first steps in development of Oil and Gas fields is comprehensive recognition of exploration and production issues. This book tries to consider all the subjects, topics and issues in petroleum engineering including geology and petroleum formation, rock & fluid properties, well logging and well testing, fluid flow in porous media, drilling engineering, different types of well completion, oil & gas production and etc. This book has been prepared by TOP’s Oil and Gas Reservoir Engineering department.

Applied Engineering for Rotary Equipment in Oil and Gas Industries - 2017

Pumps and Compressors are being used whenever and wherever transferal of fluid is required meanwhile, selecting the best type of pump is the most important issue. This book contains various aspects regarding to pumps such as selecting and purchasing processes, manufacturing, tests, inspection and installation. The principles of fluency and the applicability of the content make this book act as a road map. This book has been prepared by TOP’s Mechanical Engineering department.

Pressure Vessels Training Booklet

Design & Engineering - 2017

Pressure Vessels are the most useful mechanical equipment in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries. In this booklet, design method of Pressure Vessel has been explained simply based on ASME Sec. VIII, and the commonly used clauses of this standard has been studied. This booklet has been prepared with consideration of international references and design experiences, prepared by TOP’s Mechanical department.

An Introduction to Petroleum Engineering Training Booklet Reservoir, Drilling and Production - 2017

Reservoir management and increasing efficiency and production requires up - to - date and efficient knowledge in petroleum engineering. It has been tried to present an integrated approach on different issues related to petroleum engineering including geology and exploration, production, reservoir engineering and other related aspects of petroleum engineering. This tutorial has been prepared by TOP’s Oil and Gas Reservoir Engineering department.



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